Communicating sustainability: The challenge of transparency

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In a world where we are all consumers, even the most disconnected have probably heard of the famous “sustainability”.

As the issue gained prominence and began to be seen as a means of increasing sales and reputation, many companies labelled themselves “sustainable” in their marketing strategies. But what for many was a lifeline, for others was the exact opposite, falling into so-called greenwashing that ended up doing more harm than good.

Why is it so difficult to communicate sustainability?

In order to create a communication strategy, it is essential to have data and the certainty that you are communicating what is really happening in a company, and transparency is one of the main factors in the success of this communication.

However, its difficulty is not just related to sharing the measurement of indicators or adapting their language, but because sustainability – in any of its dimensions – is intrinsically related to an organisation’s values and mission, which are structural aspects of its history and culture. Sustainability is an intrinsic power, which can be strengthened with different measures, but which, in order to be worked on and communicated, must already be part of the company’s essence.

What is the role of a communications agency in this area?

In addition to defining a strategy, focuses on visualising how sustainability is being worked on, humanising it and making it come alive for the consumer. This role goes far beyond communicating, it’s about bringing the values defended by the client to life, in the form of digital or physical communication, or formal or more creative communication.

With new greenwashing directives being publicised since the end of 2022, this is an issue that has changed the paradigm of communication and forced companies to become more ethical, not only in the information they share with consumers, but also in their purpose and impact on society

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