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Blue Bioeconomy Pact

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The context

Creation of branding for the Blue Bioeconomy Pact project, under the PRR, which aims to promote the decarbonization of industry.

The challenge

The challenge we were set was to create an image linked to the blue economy and the decarbonization of industry, which would represent the consortium of companies involved, and at the same time relate well to the symbol of the PRR logo, without ever forgetting the water and the sector it represents.

The solution

We have created a unique brand that reflects the sector and reinforces the strength of the consortium's unity representing each of the brands.
001 - Bioeconomia-Outdoor

Creating sustainable connections. Together.

Communicating sustainability is vital to the success of projects of this nature, but it has to be done in the most optimized and appealing way possible. The blue economy, due to the size of our coastline, has an important significance for the country's economy, but its importance needs to be publicized. So we created an image that speaks for itself, that immediately conveys the surroundings of the sea. Through the stylized representation of a wave, the symbol of a boat sailing and, giving it the circularity and unification that the consortium of companies represents, we arrive at the true Blue Bioeconomy Pact.


Communicating with impact, making a difference.

In order to have an impact and be relevant to the industry, the Blue Bioeconomy Pact must be communicated dynamically, clearly and simply. We managed to create an image that integrates well with the different materials to be developed, speaks directly and has a concise and efficient tone of voice.

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