Strategy & Innovation

Plan to achieve
We support the entrepreneurial ecosystem through disruptive methodologies focused on problem-solving.
Allied to a network of partners in different areas of expertise, distributed throughout the country!

1.Business Accelerator

We promote projects for public and private organisations, companies and entrepreneurs. We support you from idea to execution.
Project Development| Bootcamps | Gamification | Startups | Ideation and Acceleration Programs | Design Thinking | Soft Skills Development


We position our clients strategically. We draw up specific and measurable plans to achieve your business goals.
Strategic Diagnosis | Market Research | Benchmarking | Business Plans | Business Implementation | Focus Groups


Supporting projects and start-ups is in our day-to-day business. We listen to the market, study solutions and train for success.
Business Coaching | Specialised Training | Workshops | Conferences & Seminars | Business Missions


With a vast network throughout the country, we gather a wide range of expertise. We support our clients with a multidisciplinary team.
Sustainability | Entrepreneurship | Innovation | Internationalisation

to change

We think "outside the box" to create an emotional connection between the brand and its audience.

We tell your story at the right time to the right people!